5 Free apps for fake text generators for android

5 Free apps for fake text generators for android

Have you felt your mind wander while your soul keeps living a monotonous life? Are you thinking of innovative ways to avoid boredom and do something fun?

Have you ever texted your friends with a fake account and played minor pranks associated with fits of laughter?

Recently, certain apps have been built to generate realistic replies and text messages in a fun way, thereby composing customizable dialogues. Also, with this website, you can understand better. However, from creating fake scripts to creating fake emails, these apps have become quite popular among teens to have an automated chat with artificial intelligence and fill the void of the fun element.

Read on to know about 5 Free apps for fake text generators for android and get a glimpse of the features offered by them!


It is the perfect app for fake text messages. It pranks people for entertainment associated with creating counterfeit posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and other texts on WhatsApp. It is used to customize likes, dislikes, shares, the number of comments, and the content of the comments. You can create your fake comments and make them look realistic by customizing the graphics in your way. Images created in the app contain a watermark that you can easily remove before sending it directly to the audience. The script for a particular conversation can be made fun of by adjusting the color scheme, the background, and the content of sent and received texts. You can modify the profile along with customizable google searches and much more. Thus, the app serves as an excellent source of entertainment!

2. Fake Message Free 2020

The app is associated with the simulation of realistic chats, enabling a diverse color scheme and modifying every detail. Furthermore, it provides room for creating imaginary conversations and a screenshot tool to capture fake messages directly. SMS and MMS are the two options available for sending and receiving messages, and thus, the app also has a feature to screen record the content and enhance the very essence of the chat. Furthermore, it offers realistic background themes copied from the original sites giving it an extremely natural approach.

3. Fake chat conversations

As the app’s logo is pretty much the same as WhatsApp, it is evident that this app has a specific purpose of faking WhatsApp messages, including voice messages and calls. You can add an imaginary character to the app and a profile picture, and one can edit the necessary details by customizing and modifying the app tools. The app is also associated with sending and receiving new emojis and saving hypothetical contacts with a name or a number to counterfeit conversations. The app is associated with an engaging user interface and can make people believe in the texts generated by you.

4. TextingStory Chat Story Maker

This app has a signature look of a usual messenger with the option to add characters with descriptions and images and switch between them. The app has screen record features and tools to modify the video to make it look more realistic. You can adjust the presentation of the dialogue boxes, and the saturation can be enhanced by customizing the background. The screenshots and videos do not contain a watermark making the process all the simpler. The videos and images can be shared on social media directly from the app. The app is a good way to prank your friends!

5. Prank- Fake Chat Conversation

It is a fake chatting application that allows you to prank your friends and relatives by sending customized screenshots generated using the tools provided by the app. The app is associated with minimal usage of storage and includes stickers as well as emojis. It offers several diverse updated layouts to get realistic screenshots by editing and customizing every detail. You can develop customizable conversations with your imaginary friends and then share the screenshots to prank the real ones, thereby offering endless fun and an interacting user interface.

Thus, these applications are an attractive medium to prank friends and relatives and play silly jokes on them- ranging from WhatsApp texts, Facebook posts- likes, dislikes, comments and shares, tweets on Twitter, and other SMS and MMS screenshots and screen recorded videos. To get a chuckle out of these jokes, beware that you do not harm any sentiments and play them only on topics that can be taken well by the people you are pranking.

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