A Comprehensive Guide To Evolution Of Commercial Photography

A Comprehensive Guide To Evolution Of Commercial Photography

With the advancement in technology and new photography concepts, commercial photography has become a promising industry for newbie photographers.

Commercial photography in Bristol or any other city caters to a vast range of needs. It is the job of professional commercial photographers to create the perfect imagery for all kinds of commercial needs. Commercial photography is not only limited to beautiful images but also commercial videography and editing. Nowadays, commercial photographs are used on tangible marketing materials and social media as well as online space, which plays a critical role in any successful ad campaign. 

Commercial shoots can be for almost anything that we find around us, from small shoots to large advertising campaigns for multinational companies. And the best part about commercial photography is that it pays well. There are so many photographers who have emerged from this field and have made very successful careers and lives out of it.

In this article, you will get to know about the history of commercial photography, how it evolved and how it has changed over the years.

How Commercial Photography Evolved Over Years

Commercial photography plays a vital role in the marketing and advertising world. But commercial photography has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Let’s have a look at the early days of commercial photography and what it’s like today.

The earliest days of commercial photography began in 1837 when the first successful form of photography was produced. Oddly enough, the equipment used to produce this early form of photography was not even portable. The process was limited to wealthy hobbyists and known as the daguerreotype.

Commercial advertising photography primarily started in 1850. At that time, capturing photos was viewed more as an art form and mainly was used to capture critical historical moments. The procedure for developing photos and the equipment used was technically demanding and cumbersome.

The Evolution Of Fashion Photography

In the early days of fashion photography, the photographers were only interested in taking pictures of women’s clothing and accessories. The photographs used to be very stiff and posed. The models did not have an identity as they used to wear a mask and had long black hair. As time progressed, there was a change in style, and people started experimenting with different types of photographs. 

In the late 1850s, photography became more efficient and less expensive. Also, cameras become portable and easy to handle. This led to the development of the ambrotype and marked the onset of Eastman Kodak Company that made cameras accessible to the average person, and this led to intricately connecting photography with fashion.

In 1911, Edward Steichen contributed a lot to fashion photography, and this was quickly followed by the buying of Vogue in 1909 by a small company, Conde Nast. In the beginning, Vogue was a small social magazine, but a few years later, it transformed into a renowned fashion magazine.

In 1920, 15% of ads material used photographs, but this percentage elevated to 80% in 1930 as fashion photography became more popular.

Digital Photography Era

The digital era changed the way photography works. The introduction of digital technology in 1985 made photography easier to use, manipulate, and store on the computer. These digitally produced pictures can be reviewed in minutes as there was no need to wait to get them developed. This eventually gave rise to image manipulation as well as extensive usage of the green screen, which helped in creating complex compositing.

The use of portable light equipment enabled artists to shoot the imagery and products outside of their studios. The artists were no longer confined to their studios.

Product Photography

Product photography is becoming more popular every day as capturing high-quality images of a given product and displaying its features in great detail becomes easier with the help of modern technology.

When it comes to displaying your products online, you have a lot of options. You can take the photos yourself or hire a commercial photography pro to take them for you. But, if you have a sufficient budget to work with, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional product photographer because they know how to make your product look as good as possible.

Wrapping up-:

There are plenty of things to consider when dealing with commercial photography. In order to have unique and memorable images, it is crucial to choose the right commercial photographer. Focus on the experience. Experience counts a lot.

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