Everything you need to know about the best IVR service

Everything you need to know about the best IVR service

Businesses have increasingly relied on IVR systems. The popularity of IVR systems was not as widespread decades ago. IVR systems are now more adaptable due to businesses adopting digital platforms.

The number of an organization’s business is often displayed on its website, in e-mails, on its social media profile, and in ads to encourage potential customers to call. When it comes to routing calls to the right department, IVR systems play an important role.

Customers-centric approaches are now becoming a priority for renowned companies, and IVR systems are becoming a critical component of their overall customer-care offering. In this article, you will learn how to select an IVR service provider based on a number of factors.

What is the need for an IVR system?

In order to choose an IVR service provider, you must determine if you really need one. If you fall into one of the following categories, you will need IVR service:

  •         Multi-branch companies
  •         Clients with multiple locations
  •         Having a website, a social media page, or an online listing online
  •         Multi-departmental organizations
  •         Companies involved in e-commerce
  •         Multi-service providers
  •         Government agencies and hospitals

An IVR system may be useful for your business if you look at this basic list. You will have to analyze your business requirements before you make a final decision.

IVR Service Providers: How to Choose

You need to find some of the best IVR providers now that you have decided to go with an IVR system. When selecting an IVR service provider, you must consider two types of IVR systems:

  1.   On-Premise IVR
  2.   Cloud-Based IVR

On-premise IVR systems are set up in your office physically. A complex wiring system and a lot of hardware are involved in this process. Cloud-based IVR systems, on the other hand, are entirely cloud-based and do not require any wiring. You just need to configure the IVR system from the dashboard provided by your service provider.

Local IVR providers can provide on-premise IVR systems. The complete list of providers can be found by searching Google for terms such as IVR providers in India, best IVR service provider in India, etc.

In contrast, you can obtain cloud-based IVR systems from any company globally. IVR providers are not required to be local. Choose an IVR service provider based on these factors:

1. System with multiple levels

When choosing an IVR service, you should consider a multi-level system. Multilevel means the system should be hierarchical. Automated receptionists can be integrated at different levels with IVR systems.

If you want to contact sales, press 1, and if you want to contact support, press 2. A caller who presses 1 will be routed to the second level IVR or to sales or support.

2. Solutions based on the cloud

IVR calling systems that are cloud-based have numerous advantages over on-premise solutions. There is no need for complicated installation or high costs. Consult your solution provider about cloud services.

If no cloud-based solution is available in your region, you always have the option of selecting IVR providers from other countries.

3. Easy to configure

You may be required to configure cloud IVR yourself if you select a provider. There is no need for external help when configuring cloud-based IVR models. You may be provided with some tutorials by your cloud IVR provider that will guide you through the configuration process.

It is important, however, not to choose complex systems. You might want to check with other providers of IVR solutions if you find the setup quite confusing.

4. Using text-to-speech programs

Are you aware that IVR recording can be very expensive? Choose a text-to-speech solution. Depending on your business decisions, your IVR menu may need to be changed.

You can’t afford to have recordings made every time you change your IVR system. Changing your IVR system is easy with a text-to-speech conversion feature.

5. Routing of calls intelligently

Whether you’re using an IVR or cloud PBX system, call routing is the most important component. Make sure you understand the process with your IVR provider. Customer calls are routed automatically to the right agent. As a result, customer problems are resolved more quickly.

A call routing system that uses intelligent routing can also reduce call waiting times to a great extent, which encourages your customers to give your company high ratings. This feature also minimizes call-dropping issues.

6. Recording of calls automatically

You can improve your customer service by evaluating your inbound calls periodically. Your IVR system can automatically record calls to accomplish this goal. Recordings such as these can be used in training sessions for call center agents.

Recordings of business calls can also be helpful in resolving customer disputes. Should such a situation arise in the future, these recordings can be presented to the legal authorities

7. Click to Call Buttons

For businesses is a very useful feature. Conversions from websites are increased as a result of this tool. If you add a call-me button to your website, viewers can call you directly from their browser. Potential customers are not hesitant to call since there is no cost associated with the calls.

IVR providers may not offer click-to-call because it is a very premium feature. Your solution provider should be able to tell you if this feature is included in your package.

8. Reporting in detail

Every business communication tool should have a reporting system. Your IVR system is no different. The future course of action should be based on your call analytics. Your call center’s agent’s productivity can be checked with an efficient call reporting system. In addition, you can check the inbound destinations from which most of your calls originate and make a decision based on those figures.

9. How About a Trial Before You Buy?

To prevent wrong decisions, all software should be tested thoroughly before being purchased. You can try out a cloud-based IVR system before you buy it if you choose it. IVRs installed on-premises require a long installation process, so the same is not possible. There is a free trial period available from 7-14 days for many cloud IVR providers. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can purchase the software during this period.

10. Support from a dedicated team

Buying software means you expect dedicated support if there are any problems. Look for a solution provider who offers multiplatform support, such as by phone, chat, and email. In order to prevent any downtime, your IVR system needs to be able to handle hundreds of calls per day.


Choosing the right provider of an IVR system is very important, as it is the main channel of business communication. In order to implement a robust IVR system, you need to choose a reliable IVR service provider. Customer service, platform scalability, data privacy, flexible APIs, and reliability are some of the most important factors to consider. Office24by7 Technologies is the best IVR service provider in India.


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