How can cloud telephony solution grow your B2B sales and stay relevant in the marketplace?

How can cloud telephony solution grow your B2B sales and stay relevant in the marketplace?

Today, buyers expect solutions tailored specifically to their needs. According to 76% of B2B buyers, solution providers are now expected to provide them with more tailored attention than ever before. As a result of today’s competitive environment, one needs to keep up with the fast-evolving expectations of customers. However, how do we do it? Cloud telephony services makes it easy.

Manage your business communications and capture leads more effectively with UCaaS solutions that are customizable, convenient, and cost-effective.

How can cloud telephony solution grow your B2B sales and stay relevant in the marketplace?

There are many solutions available through cloud telephony services, including toll free numbers, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, number masking, voice broadcasting, bulk SMS, and more. As a result, businesses are more productive and results are better as well. Learn how to stay competitive in the B2B marketplace by using cloud telephony solutions.

Communication enhancements

In order to make an informed decision, B2B buyers research your offerings extensively. Approximately 68% of buyers prefer sales representatives who listen to their needs and respond appropriately. This is exactly what a multi-level IVR in cloud telephony can help you do.

Callers can access the desired department through cloud telephony’s self-service options, facilitating communication. As a result of cloud telephony services , callers are automatically connected to a relevant agent depending on the keypad input they provide. There is no need to manually intervene in the process. It doesn’t end there.

In addition to answering caller FAQs with prerecorded messages, the IVR system can be used to relieve your agents of routine technical inquiries.

Lead capture at a low cost

There is no need to rest when it comes to automated technology such as cloud telephony. Consistency and competence are its hallmarks. You do not need to employ extra people for different shifts if your B2B operations span multiple time zones and geographies.

With cloud telephony, you can communicate flawlessly regardless of your business’s location, size, or domain. You can deliver personalised messages to your stakeholders at times that are convenient for them using solutions like voice broadcasting and bulk SMSes. With a script, you can emphasize your organization’s core values and ethos

You can connect with potential buyers quickly with these dynamic cloud telephony solutions, and you can capture leads without burning a hole in your pocket. Bulk SMS campaigns and voice broadcasting campaigns have now become popular among B2B companies instead of traditional marketing mediums.

Its instant set-up that makes these cloud telephony solutions so appealing. It’s as easy as uploading a list of B2B leads, recording or typing a message, scheduling, and that’s it!

The ability to scale and customize

Scalability is critical to delivering seamless experiences for B2B companies dealing with bulk orders and high order values. You can do just that with cloud telephony.

Cloud telephony can be scaled or customized to adapt to changing business needs easily. A pay-as-you-go plan allows you to pay only for the resources you consume.

A wide range of accessibility and mobility options

Is your job based at the office? Home-based work? Are you working from your friend’s house? Nothing to worry about. You can rely on cloud telephony for all your communication needs. Your B2B business communications can be managed from anywhere with a cloud telephony system. It’s as simple as setting up a stable Internet connection.

More than that, you don’t have to limit yourself to receiving or making calls. While on the road, in a café, or at home, you can also set up call forwarding, call recording, and access your voicemail.

A wide talent pool and reduced operating costs are also possible with such accessibility and flexibility.

Recover quickly from disasters

A company’s vulnerability always exists, whether it is a B2B or B2C company, and disasters can occur at any time. A business cannot always keep extra hardware available due to high maintenance costs and infrastructure costs.

Disasters can, however, become much less cumbersome and volatile with cloud-based telephony solutions.

Cloud backups and restores business-sensitive data automatically as and when required, so you need not worry about losing information. Cloud migration improved security for 94% of businesses, according to research.

That’s a significant amount. It’s good to know that disasters are no longer a concern with cloud telephony in place.

There are multiple servers at different locations of a reliable cloud telephony serices provider. These servers continuously back up all your business data. If something were to happen to one of these servers, your data would be stored on another server.

Getting back up and running is as simple as having your cloud telephony provider recover your data. Using any Internet-enabled smart device, you can reconnect with your friends and family.

Thsese  solutions are safe and reliable, unlike traditional phone systems, where there is a high risk of failure.


In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, proactive customer support is a competitive advantage.

Moreover, B2B customer service representatives handle multiple clients in a day, requiring instant support in order to form long-lasting relationships. The future belongs to It

Leads can be captured, sales can be closed, productivity can be boosted, and ‘win-win’ customer service can be delivered without breaking the bank. Office24by7 Technologies, one of the leading cloud telephony providers, guarantees 99.99% uptime, so you don’t have to worry about missing a call





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