The All-New AI-Based Security Systems and Features of Gojek Clone Thailand KINGX 2022 App

There are more than Five Million Mobile Applications available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store Combined. And how many of them incorporate AI-Based Security Technology in them? Well, maybe only a handful of them. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Security is rising as a Must-Have because the kind of Data-Breaches happening today is unacceptable. Thus, to eliminate any possible chances of Sloppiness, and offer Utmost Convenience, Gojek Clone Thailand has introduced two amazing Smart Login Methods. 


Staying ahead of the Technology Curve, KINGX 2022 has now incorporated AI-Based Login Systems for iOS and Android App Users. These Login Methods can excuse vulnerabilities to a great extent!  

Usernames and Passwords are no longer needed to Login into the App. iPhone or iPad Users can simply Login into their Gojek Clone App Thailand Account with Face ID. To activate this Smart Login Feature, the User first needs to Login or Register to the App, using either their Mobile Number or Social Media Account.  

After Logging In, go to the Profile Section of the App. Under the Account Setting, you’ll see a Toggle Button in front of Enable Face ID/Touch ID. So, the Next Time the User Login into the App, the Smart Login Screen will appear! 

  • iOS App Users can Login with their Face ID 

iOS App Users can select Face ID as their Login Option. On the Login Screen, they’ll be asked for Face Detection. Once the authentication is done, the Users will be redirected to the Landing Screen or the Homepage of the App. 

  • Android App Users can have Biometric Login Option

If the Gojek Clone Android App Users choose the Option of Login with Touch ID, they’ll be asked to put their Finger on the Sensor. Just like the Face ID Login Option, this option is way too easy and simple! 


There are many Features bundled up in this App, but two of them are Exclusive to the World’s Biggest App – the KINGX 2022!

  • Online Video Consultation with Professionals of your choice

The App Users can now Book or Schedule Online Video Consultations with various Professionals from different Backgrounds! Users can select from Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Academic Tutors, Fitness Coaches, Lawyers, and even Astrologers! 

Once the User opens the App, they can see tons of Options under Online Video Consultation. So, if I tap on Academic Tutors, I can choose the Subject/Specialty of the Tutor from the Drop Down List that’ll include Pre-K tutors, Elementary tutors, General tutors, Specialty subject tutors, etc. Based on their Review, Ratings, and Consultation Fee, I can Book a Video Call with them and after the Session Ends, the Consultation Charges will automatically deduct from my Credit Card. 

  • Service Bidding with Handyman

The Gojek Clone App Thailand Users can post a task for Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, etc. by tapping on the Service Bidding > Service Provider of their choice. For Example, I can choose the Category – Carpenters and subcategory – Furniture Customization. Once the App User has Posted the Task by entering Relevant Information like Task Category, Location, Budget, Date & Time, etc. the Service Providers get a Notification. Now, they can either Accept, Decline, or Make An Offer. 

The User and Provider can now start negotiating for the Task until they reach a ‘Satisfactory Offer’. App Users can see the Rating, Reviews, and Service Provider’ entire Profile before hiring them. 

After Completion of the Job, the User can pay the Provider according to their Chosen Mode of Payment – Cash/Card/Wallet. 


Aspiring Entrepreneurs, buckle up because this New App is the talk of the town right now! This On-Demand Multi-Service App is a Masterpiece that is loaded with New Features and AI-Based Security Systems, there is no way Entrepreneurs can resist themselves with the kind of Opportunities it is offering! 

So, step into the On-Demand Industry with the Latest Tech-Advanced App. 

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