What Are The Possibilities Of AI In Modern Education?

What Are The Possibilities Of AI In Modern Education?

Many scientists, fiction writers and filmmakers have predicted a future where artificial intelligence will sweep across the world. Most of the stories ended with catastrophic notes than a happier one. However, AI could not make such a tremble in human society at large, but slowly showing its omnipresence in all walks of life. For instance, in your computer class HTML is an important part.

You are not confident with your knowledge but a software generated HTML assignment help is doing your job on your behalf. That is how AI can make an impact on the education sector. This blog discusses the probable ways AI is making inroads into education.

  1. Automatic grading

Teachers spend a lot of time supporting the grading system of assessment. Even for lower classes, grading takes away significant times from the teacher which they could have spent by discussing with students on their problems.

Well, maybe it’s impossible for AI to replace human assessment completely, but surprisingly it reached pretty close to perfection. Teachers are using automatic assessment for the majority of fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions. So, it is expected that full automated grading will soon be a reality in our colleges.

Suppose you reach your class for submission just before the deadline and find out you forgot the summary. You just go through a quick summary generator to solve the job for you. How long would you think AI will stay out of the picture while making a complete assessment of your paper?

  1. Software to meet student’s demand

The education system is fast becoming more individualised than a community program. Students and their parents are interested in using adaptive learning, video games or learning software instead of group study and in-person class work. These AI regulated systems are responding to student’s needs more quickly and suggest revision methods quicker than human teachers.

A student prefers customized studies to a lecture with a large number of students attending it. AI supported solutions can help the students follow this path whenever their need arises.

A host of online learning providers are looking for adaptive learning as a ready replacement for public learning. So, AI will inevitably play a far greater role in catering to students’ customized needs.

  1. AI can pinpoint improvement scopes for students

Your teacher can fail to make accurate detection of knowledge gaps and limitations of understanding. Even live lectures and study materials can perplex the students in more ways than one.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is detecting the loopholes quite fast. When many students in the same class are making mistakes on the same question, software can detect it immediately. This is important to guarantee equality in students’ performance. As your doubts get clear every day, all students in the same class can achieve a level playing field.

So, they are awaiting their teacher’s feedback. They are already aware of their shortcomings and can attend the classroom only to discuss concepts and solutions.

  1. AI tutor provides additional support

Well, so far artificial intelligence may not be equally good in providing mentorship to students, but it is not farther from today that all your lectures are nothing but some computer generated voices. Many tutoring programs are already offering physics, mathematics or writing related help to students.

Although the potential of AI is huge, it is only limited to teaching fundamentals of these subjects and significantly lacks a higher degree of understanding or creative thinking. Although nobody can say AI tutors will never become an actual replacement for actual teachers. The way our civilization is making immense technological progress, AI tutoring may be just knocking at our doorstep.

  1. Better feedback than human tutors

As of today, AI has already created courses and syllabi curriculum for tailored needs of students. But it is equally good with providing feedback to students and teachers both.   Schools which are shifting online totally, are making intensive use of AI programs to correct the teacher’s perception of certain students.

Both the teachers and the students are utilizing AI software to find the areas of improvements particularly in the subject where they struggle most. AI operations are not limited to basic instructions regarding personal courses anymore.

Some app creators are providing career counselling to students by pointing out what should be the combination for an ideal major course. It shows the future aspect of a student to end up in a particular discipline.

  1. Changing the way human interact with information

You may already see the widespread control of artificial intelligence on your choice of contents on the internet. Search engines like Google, have their own algorithm supported by the user’s location. Amazon makes offers on the customer’s purchase history. Alexa predicts your thought and gives commands.

These software applications are becoming a big part of your daily life interaction. This will also promote education if it gets such uninterrupted access.

Artificial intelligence can provide students expertise, give them a scope to enquire, make access with sophisticated technology and many more conveniences. AI systems have made significant changes in the last two decades on our interaction with information.

The future aspirations may find a completely different experience in research and publishing activities.

  1. Gives a different experience of a teacher

Well, the role of teachers in education may never fall down. But the role of a teacher may change from what it stands for today. It is already discussed that AI can grade students, give subject expertise, and increase productive learning.

All AI systems are programmed by human users. So, the changes will expose the gap of a teacher in a student’s assessment. Today the education system depends a lot on memorizing details. AI may change this idea and create a completely new advanced learning system.

Teachers will create lessons in AI programs, help poor students and extend individual interaction with firsthand experience for students.

  1. AI can make you less fearful about making mistakes

Mistakes are keys to knowledge. However, our exams and gradation system always discourage this driving education into a strict methodical concept.

This idea results in students carrying enormous fear in adapting to a trial error process. They may not like their low marks being taunted before the whole class, especially before the toppers. However, AI is changing this idea by providing the scope of personal learning space.

AI generated software provides students with greater opportunities to try new things without being fearful. So, the student takes more liberty in asking questions and learns from his past mistakes each time he commits one.

  1. AI can bring in permanent changes in student’s selection

Colleges and universities are already using intelligent data gathering using high frequency computer systems to collect databases of a student. This is indeed making the process more personalised.

Data mining has already made inroads in determining personal courses for students with their relative feedback. Now students can glide between different courses and make preparation way before the scheduled exam with AI operated training systems.

  1. AI can change basic student learning methods

Students are learning anything from any part of the world. As these programs do not require any human presence, AI may take the position of a teacher and define the prospects of the students more accurately.

So, it is a radical shift from modern education approaches to the future ones. The developers of this software will learn more and change the course of education forever.

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