Why to Invest in sustainable development projects?

Why to Invest in sustainable development projects?

As we all know real estate industry is performing an assertive role in curating the explanation and adopting sustainability practices. Urban communities that are resilient and inclusive – socially, environmentally, and economically, are the need of the hour. This suggests that within the span of few years we will see the rise in the industry to take more convincing steps to instigate this multi-jagged approach into every aspect of the aesthetic value chain.

You might be wondering why sustainable standards is important in a value project as the world witnessing today?

The sustainability at the projects reflects the image of a development project, incorporating them to smoothly uphold their ESG goals. The fact that the last decade has witnessed rapid climate change and COVID ( which was unbelievable) and these nightmares have brought financial crisis and instability wide world. And have globally impacted governance, businesses, civil societies and infrastructure all over, calls for accelerating the ESG transformation process. Investors and lenders have also become highly sensitive and cautious towards environmental issues under the ESG standards.

As per a recent report by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago India is the second most polluted country in the world and that most of its population lives in areas where the annual average particulate level exceeds WHO guidelines. Therefore, it is now a vital parameter to implement sustainable measures to achieve the targets of net-zero emissions. Even though we are now becoming more environment friendly, and the lead being taken by the responsible governments, the transportation industry, the power industry, and the largest real estate developers, a comprehensive view needs to be developed to combat climate change in India, and eventually provide a better quality of life to our future generations.

Advantages of adding sustainability to any Development or lifestyle project:

  1. Attaching to industry norms of transparency, traceability, environmental responsibility and other accepted standards.
  2. Winning share in current markets and establishing a foothold with future customers.
  3. Developing goodwill with key stakeholders:
  4. Reducing business risk from future disruption of operations and supplies:

What sustainable development projects reflect ?

As we all know development is not only left as development, it today has been rightfully shifted to “sustainable-development.” Today even people have started to understand the impact of sustainability in our lives and in future as well. They have started to accept this. Especially, the pandemic ( which was so unpredictable and unbelievable before few years happened) has realized us that we are left with no time. And if still we don’t understand the value of sustainability in our lives, we couldn’t handle the massive outcome of climate change in our lives.  The massive climate affect is due to the high development projects, Which is exactly needed to live a luxurious life. But can’t luxury, development and sustainability go hand-in-hand? Yes, it absolutely can. And by understanding this, most of the organization have started developing an utterly luxurious and sustainable projects. Having said this, if you’re thinking how to figure out these organisations, then here are few points which reflects in them:

  1. Dedication, plan and executing with sustainable point of view: It is the most important quality which any organisation must need to possess. Only having knowledge of concept can’t make you stand out with the best. You need to have a proper plan to execute both sustainability &planning at the same pace.
  1. Showcasing in terms of sustainability: Any organisation and its employee must work with approach. Unless, they can never succeed. Your transparency and dedication towards your work is the key to make you successfully complete a Project
  1. Proven experience & record in developing sustainable projects: You just can’t trust ever organization claiming to be promoting sustainability is implementing it, for any business promoting sustainability much have a record of developing such projects. And it is extremely important for you to research about it. Remember, a good corporate will always be having a good reputation for their insightful work.

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